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Stepping Stones Academy

Stepping Stones Academy


The Pre-K program is designed as a Kindergarten Readiness class. The program emphasizes development in the four areas of cognitive skills, language skills, motor skills, and social and emotional skills. Children participate in whole-group lessons, small group projects, and learning centers. The activities provide a multitude of educational experiences, accentuate the children’s different learning styles, and better prepare the children for Kindergarten.

Pencils, crayons, and a backpack are just a few of the items your child needs for school! To help your child be fully prepared, we ask you to review the following information and let us know if you have questions.

1.  School Supplies – A school supply list is available from the School Office and on the school’s web site (www.steppingstonesacademy.org).
Items are to be marked in black, permanent marker with your child’s name.

2.  School Uniform – Your child is to follow the school’s uniform policy. If your child comes to school not in uniform, you are contacted while your child waits in the School Office. Your child may not attend class out of school uniform.

3.  Lunch – Your child may bring lunch from home or purchase the school-catered lunch for a minimal cost. Information about the lunch program is sent home at the beginning of each week. It is recommended an insulated lunch bag be used for food brought from home, as your child does not have access to a refrigerator or microwave. Soda/Pop and gum are not allowed, and candy is to be kept to a minimum.

4.  Snacks – Each day your child is to bring two healthy snacks– one for morning snack and one for afternoon snack. Examples of healthy snacks are crackers, bananas, pretzels, and apple juice. Water is available in the classroom and may be used as a drink. Soda/Pop, candy, and gum are not allowed as snacks items. Your child may also bring a leak-proof, non-breakable water bottle to use throughout the day. Water bottles may contain only plain colored water, and it is recommended your child’s name be written on the water bottle.

Finally, the first day of school is here, and it is time to officially begin your child’s journey on this “pathway to success!” This may be an emotional time for your family, but by working together – child, parents, teacher, principal – this transition from home to school becomes an easy and positive experience for everyone. During the first week of class we invite you to stay for the first few minutes and help your child meet the teacher and principal, along with the other excited children. Be assured after you say, “good-bye,” the outstanding and highly qualified Pre-K teacher and other staff members are taking excellent care of your child.

1.  Have your child in proper attire according to the school uniform policy.

2.  Make sure your child has lunch and two healthy snacks. Remember soda/pop and gum are not allowed, and we ask candy be kept to a minimum.

3.  Upon arrival, park in the parking lot and escort your child inside the classroom. Please do not allow your child to walk in the parking area without adult supervision.

4.  Sign-in your child at the designated area in the classroom.

5.  At the end of class, park in the parking lot and go inside to sign-out your child. Please do not allow your child to walk in the parking area without adult supervision.

6.  Remember other than parents, your child may only leave with people listed in the registration packet or people listed on the emergency card.